Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chronic Confusion (Dementia)/Alzheimer’s Disease

                                                                              Chronic Confusion (Dementia) 
Dementia is a slow, progressive decline in mental function in which memory, thinking, judgment, and the ability to learn are impaired. Dementia is a much more serious decline in mental ability than confusion is. With time, it becomes worse. Seniors who are aging normally may become forgetful or misplace objects, but those with dementia, may forget entire events. Individuals with dementia have problems conducting regular tasks such as driving, cooking, and handling finances. Dementia progresses at different rates, depending on the cause. Generally it takes from two to ten years before death occurs, which is often attributed to an infection, such as pneumonia.    
Alzheimer’s Disease  
Alzheimer’s Disease is the commonest form of dementia. It is a progressive and relentless loss of mental function revolving around memory, language and thought.  
The cause is not known but the theories are: chemical deficiencies, genetic factors, body attacks its own immunity system, virus, defective blood vessels in the brain  
Symptoms: problems remembering conversations, forgetting where objects have been placed, routine tasks, which require thought, become more difficult, difficulty responding to simple problems, becoming lost in familiar surroundings, difficulty finding the appropriate words, problems paying attention, less responsive  
Treatment There is no cure but it can be managed by medications to delay the onset, slow the rate of progression, improve memory, language, attention span & orientation; by healthy diet, regular exercise, intellectual stimulation, social interactions, stimulating environment, and support groups.    

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