Our Client's Memories


As I grew older and the years passed by, a stranger began to appear in my bathroom mirror. Oh, where is my own face these days?
When I ask him what he wants all I hear is the faucet poring water into the sink. He is on of the most irritating characters I have ever met.
As the years passed, he has begun to develop wrinkles and lately his face became even more strange as his eyelids began to droop.
What was scary, was the way his hair changed to a mixture of skin and mousey grey hair, and even more scary was the beat up appearance with his attempt to grow a beard.
It is becoming harder and harder to make him outthought my half closed eyes as he now appears out of focus - maybe he is about to fade away at last, and I will see MY face once more.
Even stranger is how quiet the running water has become lately. What is going on - a quiet stranger and silently running water?
He has never answered my questions and remains irritatingly silent, just like so many of my friends when I visit them. But then… most residents in a graveyard are very poor conversationalists; however, they are great listeners.

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