Friday, August 28, 2015

Changing Perspectives of Home Care

Remember the 1960’s TV show Ironside. From his wheelchair, and with the assistance of his team, the impeccably groomed Robert T. Ironside solved the most interesting and complex criminal cases. Of course although we understood this was Hollywood it did alter our perspective of what was ability and disability.

Fifty years later advances in assistive technology enable people to participate in society regardless of physical or mental health. The Parapan Games and Special Olympics have transformed perceptions about what it is to be an Olympian. Professionals like Alex Taylor in his Aug 15 2015 article My Battle to Remain Stylish as a Disabled Man are addressing the importance of strategy building in relation to fashion, dressing and accommodation.

We see this changing perspective in relationship to home care. Today’s clients are interested in services that support lifestyles fostering independence while creating a sense of familiarity.
We believe our “core team philosophy”, unique to Reliable Home Care, positions the Agency to deliver a blend of contemporary and traditional care services.  One example is our approach to managing services for WRHA approved Self-Managed Care clients.
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